Hockey Rink Supplies

Arena Protective Netting

The National Hockey League conducted extensive research to determine the type of netting that would maximize both protection and visibility. Test results and other factors led the league to conclude that black netting accomplishes both of these very important objectives because it absorbs light, rather than reflecting it, and causing possible distortion of your view.

The league determined that the white netting refracted the light and drew your eye to the netting, as opposed to directing your focus through the netting and onto the players on the ice. The monofilament or clear netting also reflected light and is more difficult to work with because of its elasticity. The league concluded that black netting was optimal and the Club agreed.

Laird Plastics offer both netting as most of arena doesn't have the strong light of NHL arena. The reflection effect will be much less in smaller arena. Is the traditional black polypropylene netting is still the best ? According to that study and from many clients experience : Yes. But the monofilament protective netting can be an economic alternative to protect spectator and equipment in your ice rink.